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  • Rev. Jamison Wayne Galt

Prayer of the Day: Education

Today We Pray for Education in NYC and the United States, as Mass Online Schooling Begins. The Need locally:

There are 1,126,501 students in the NYC school system, the largest school district in the United States. Of those students:

  • 13.2 percent of students are English Language Learners

  • 20.2 percent are students with disabilities

  • 72.8 percent are economically disadvantaged

  • Race or ethnicity:

    • 40.6 percent Hispanic

    • 25.5 percent black

    • 16.2 percent Asian

    • 15.1 percent white

  • 119,551 are in charter schools

  • There are 75,000 Teachers in NYC

A Prayer For All Involved in Education During Coronavirus

Jesus, you are the Great Teacher and all truth is your Truth. We thank you for continually instructing us, that we might be set free. All of our learning and knowledge comes from you and belongs to you. Today we offer you our best. Many of us are terrified as we learn how to teach and to learn online, and others of us to help homeschool our children. Grant us the wisdom we need to learn these new skills. Grant access to necessary technology for the poor and marginalized. Help us to be patient and encouraging to one another, and to ourselves. Be with us and teach us, Jesus.



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