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  • Rev. Jamison Wayne Galt

Life and Death in a Great American City

What is it like to lose a loved one to Covid-19 while on lockdown in the city? How do you handle it? What options do you have for processing your own grief, for honoring the dead and the still-living who mourn? How do pastors and friends offer bereavement care while quarantined? The Caliz family of our church have modeled beautiful and faithful answers to many of these questions over the past few months upon the loss of Jeremy's father just before Holy Week. I am so proud of them. And so I am happy that New Yorker and journalist Emily Belz was interested to feature their story in World magazine. She also interviewed me at length for a short companion piece. It is all of our shared hope that this will not only put a face and story to the numbers you see on the news, but also to share and perhaps dignify what has been a surreal and painful experience of inhibited grief and love.

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